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While We focus on PVP games, We also try to play all the latest RPGs and FPS games. When we started taking video games more seriously, we dabbled in eSports competitions. You can still find us at a local competitions. Lately, we mostly spend our time sharing our PVP videos with the world, talking about tactics and the rules of the road to make gameplay better for all of us.


 If you are a youtuber or a twitcher join this discord if you wanna help promote or get promoted Join The Lounge we are a growing community of gamers and streamers from all over the world that are looking to help other streamers grow!!!!!!  Thinking what kind of good things we have in this server come and join to find out.

Mental Help

 Our main goal is to help and support anyone who suffers with mental health issues such as depression.  We, as a team have either had or seen first hand the effect that mental health issues can have on others at some point in our lives. We know the personal struggle that you can experience through this and we hope to help by providing our personal support/company, whilst being able to point you in the right direction to get professional help if you deem it necessary.  We believe that as a community of gamers and other individuals we can work together to support one another through each others struggles. As a community we can push through hard times.  You do not have to be a gamer to help out, we hope to help everyone who needs our support. 


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